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Tom Monahan - BIOGRAPHY

Anglo American - Tom Monahan was born in Novato, California 1964 and he led a nomadic existence due to his father being in the forces, and as children, he and his brothers experienced a lot at an early age in different countries half way across the world. His father (Irish/Native American Indian - Crow Nation) Joe Monahan was born in the Appalachian Mountains and Tom's Mother Grace (English) was born in the Wirral,UK. This may explain Tom’s eclectic approach to musical highbreds and art. Tom is known for not being in the mainstream. 



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Tom’s voice can move from pained expression to plaintiveness sometimes within the same line, on a back drop of intricate guitar work, His passionate delivery and charmingly engaging, that compels you the listener to fall under his spell. He commands with ease and communicates his urban parables to a dedicated and growing following.


Tom is a regular performer in the North West circuit. He is not precious and revels in a challenge including taking part in the first ever "Dawson's Music Competition", he was the only solo performer competing against some very established bands, which resulted in him playing at the World famous "Cavern” in Liverpool. He has also played live on BBC Radio Wales, Calon FM and was involved with the Llangollen Fringe Festival, Zone Festival in North Wales. His songs have been played all over the world as if by magic popping up in places such as Taiwan International Radio.


And if that wasn't enough...Lady luck shone for Tom, after flying into Las Vegas from the UK, he was rushed by his brother Mike to a competition at the Las Vegas Red Rock Hotel & Casino to perform live on 96.3 KKLZ Classic Rock. He was the very last to go on in front of a large audience, jet lagged, thirsty but giving a performance that won him first prize and a live recording of his song - HOLD ON.


He has performed for and shared the stage with a diverse range of artists including,Dave Sharp former lead guitarist from The Alarm http://www.davesharp.org, Henry Priestman ex member of The Christians http://www.henrypriestman.com , Dean Johnson Singer Songwriter http://deanjohnsonmusic.co.uk and most recently from New York singer songwriter Vincent Cross on his european tour http://www.vincentcross.com.


Tom is a singer songwriter by nature, he has plied his craft on the West Coast of the USA. Furthermore, Tom Monahan’s passage into so many genres of music is obviously influenced from his nomadic life as a child, singer songwriter, performer, producer, artist, designer from the West Coast of the USA to the coffee houses of Amsterdam, to The Cavern in Liverpool, who now resides in the North West of England.


At present Tom is a singer songwriter who is concentrating on his music and art in his small studio in the North West of the UK.


In the beginning Tom was travelling and performing live in the USA, Europe and it came to a point that he was in a position to finalise material for his first album/cd release in 2009 with Finn Music - Mal Holmes http://www.malholmes.co.uk of OMD fame (http://www.omd.uk.com) and digital distrbuition with One Little Indian Records - (http://www.indian.co.uk). Mal Holmes was very supportive in Tom's initial first steps into the music industry, at a time that Tom will always remember and appreciate such an association and friendship.                


Monahan continues to self release projects whilst he evolves as a writer, performer, recording artist and producer, Monahan's down to earth approach has never before expressed so much of the artistic occurrences on his own terms, his work is profound and leaves the listener wanting more. He continues to collborate/support with present and up and coming artists in all genres.

Theres a lot to tell about Tom Monahan, “I do what I do so I can express my experiences as an artist whether it be music or art – its a therapy, love, a passion that has become a very big part of my life that opens doors into other avenues."


Monahan is one of the most engaging veterans of the current crop of underground singer songwriters in the North West of the UK with over three decades of experience to back him up, he's down to earth approach and sound is worthy of anyone’s attention either in a band in a large venue or up close and personal as a soloist. Tom is currently planning and performing intimate acoustic solo performances in 2016/17.




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